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4+ Year Olds

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4+ Year Old Class

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4 Year Olds

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4 Year Old Class

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3 Year Old Class

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The Orchard Park Co-operative Preschool has been offering high quality education for generations of children in our community. The cornerstone of our school is providing young children with a wealth of academic, physical, and social learning experiences that are appropriate for their stage of development.

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All of the Co-op’s programs are similarly structured. Each level uses a theme based approach for teaching in which the focus of the lesson is developed through an array of books, instruction, projects, music, games, and field trips. The children learn through many approaches as they move from one learning center to another.

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The Orchard Park Co-operative Preschool was built and continues to exist with the help of you - the parents. In an effort to keep you informed we will be sharing our activities from class within the Show and Tell section.

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