Physical Activity Curriculum

Physical Activity Curriculum

A wonderful benefit of attending the Co-op is the opportunity for all season outdoor play. Part of each class’s curriculum is daily outdoor exercise on one of our three special playgrounds. The children gain strength and agility as well as social experience as they run together, climb on the apparatus, ride bikes and scooters, and clamber on the snow hill. In the classroom, opportunities abound for fine motor development both by manipulating play materials on their own and through supervision from the teachers with printing, cutting, and building.

Physical Activities

  • Gross Motor Skills
    • Gain general coordination of movement
    • Climb, jump, run, balance on one foot, pedal, throw/catch a ball
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  • Fine Motor Skills
    • Do age-appropriate puzzles
    • String beads, place pegs, etc.
    • Hold pencil correctly
    • Cut paper with scissors
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