Social Development Curriculum

Social Development Curriculum

Students at the Co-op blossom socially under the guidance of our nurturing and experienced teachers. Each day is designed to ease the transition from home as the children find their own level of comfort joining in parallel or cooperative play with their classmates. Kindness and sharing are emphasized as are patience and taking turns. These social skills are gently instilled by the teachers as the children participate in their projects and play.

Aspects of the Social Development Curriculum

  • Learn to function as part of a group—share, take turns, etc.
  • Learn to follow directions and have routines—help with cleaning up, sit in “circle,” etc.
  • Gain independence in self-help
  • Learn to care for personal needs
  • Become self-motivated in initiating activities
  • Listen attentively to stories
  • Begin playing with other children
  • Problem solve
  • Become comfortable with adults
  • Express displeasure verbally rather than physically
  • Learn to separate from parent easily

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