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4+ Thanksgiving Program


The 4+ Class held a Thanksgiving Program that consisted of:

Rhythm Processional

Song: We Gather Together
Story: Thanksgiving Remembrance
Song: Mister Turkey
Scarves: The Wind
Jeremiah, Blow the Fire
Song: Turkey Dinner
Take Me Out of the Bathtub
Dance: Turkey Trot

Rhythm Recessional 

4+ Class Members 

Luca Clerici as Winding River
Logan Stewart as Glistening Web
Nicholas Schimert as Crackling Fire
William Henning as Tall Pine
Liam Strawbrich as Bear Cub
Jack Cassidy as Rain Cloud
Owen Gebhard as Mighty Oak
Jacob Grey as Shining Moon
Nathan Williams as Deer Tracks
Robert Ryan as Night Sky
Nolan Valiquette as Eagle Feather 
Cody Frier as Morning Sun
Jack Gual as Proud Turkey
Michael Cassidy as Lightening Bolt
Josh DeRosa as Autumn Leaves
Russell Mesi as Grassy Meadow
John Balikowski as Snow Mountain

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x311 Downstairs

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