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3 yr Class Outdoor Weather Guide

Now that the weather goes from winter to fall to spring in a matter of days around here; we’d like you to know our policy for going outside.

*if it’s raining, we won’t go out

*if it’s muddy, we won’t go out

*if the temperature/wind chill is below 25?, we won’t go out

*if the wind could knock down a tree limb, or blow away a small child, we    

won’t go out  ;-)


Now, the tricky part…

Sometimes the weather can completely change between the time we arrive at school and the time we go outside - warm to cold, sunny to rainy, calm to windy and vice versa.  And we know that as parents, it’s frustrating to bring all that gear everyday for “just in case”.  However, we will go outside every chance we can.  With that in mind, please be prepared every day unless otherwise notified.  That means a jacket, mittens-not gloves, a hat, boots and snow pants (if applicable).  You are allowed to bring any of that gear to leave in school if you wish.  Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.  Let us know if you have any questions.