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Ciao bambini Dalla scuola dellinfanzia alla primaria esercizi di Four-Year-Old Newsletter: February 17, 2016

          We hope you enjoyed a pleasant Valentine’s Day with your loved ones!  We had fun in school creating many art projects for the holiday such as our Treat Bags, a heart with our names in glitter, an owl with our photo, a heart flower, and a heart which we painted with a marble!  Our party was fun where we ate some delicious ice cream sundaes: thanks to all the parents who sent in some goodies!  We used hearts to review letter and numbers, counting and beginning sounds.  Did the children tell you that they got to listen to a heartbeat with a real stethoscope? We discussed taking care of our hearts and how they keep our blood pumping! 

            For the letter Vv, we created a volcano in class and watched it erupt.  We talked about where volcanoes are in the world and what happens when they erupt.  In case you care to create one at home, here is what to do:  Build a volcano using playdoh or pack dirt/mud around a small cup.  Pour into the cup, a little water, a few drops of dish soap, some red food coloring or red paint, baking soda and then add the vinegar and watch the explosion!

            To honor our Presidents’ this month, we discussed Abraham Lincoln and George Washington and learned a bit about each man.  We created a log cabin using pretzels and built log cabins with Lincoln Logs.  For snack, we had a Twinkie/cherry treat explaining how Washington chopped down the cherry tree!

            We enjoyed a visit from Christine from Winning Smiles Dentistry learning all about taking care of our teeth.  We created mouths with marshmallows and had a yummy snack with apple slices, peanut butter and marshmallows which when put together looked like a mouth with teeth.

When we return from Winter Break, please continue to send in snow pants etc, just in case there is snow on the ground!

Show and Tell: Feb. 27- letter S items and  March 6- choice

Coming Up:     Winter Break:  Feb. 18-26   Enjoy! Return on Monday the 27th.

Wednesday March 1st: Field Trip to Park Edge Sweet Shop at 10:00.  It is located at 325 Abbott Rd. in South Buffalo.  Best way to get there is take Orchard Park Rd (Rt.240) from OP.  This will turn into Potters Rd, which turns into Abbott Rd.  The shop will be on your left, a few blocks down from Mercy Hospital.  Try to carpool if possible as there is limited parking in the lot.  Thank you to Anne Marie Gaul, Stella’s mom for arranging this fun trip!!

Friday, March 10: Co-op Fish Fry!  Be sure to return your ticket money asap!

Monday March 27:  Bowling field trip and Hoopla Yogurt


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