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January 18 Newsletter

If you plan on helping with VBS please stop by or call the church

                                             January 18, 2017  Four-Year Old Newsletter

                The weeks are flying by! It has been a short time since the last newsletter due to MLK day and our conferences this Friday. Please see below your reminder time to meet with us.  Remember that you can bring your child if you don’t have child care and they can play quietly while we talk.  We are looking forward to discussing your child’s progress!

                Snow, snow, snow! Even though there isn’t much on the ground, we have been doing projects related to winter!  For letter Ee we learned about Eskimos and how they live up North.  We used winter words to rhyme and do opposites.  Putting snowmen in numerical order was fun.  Making our names with snowballs to create a snowman was cool too! We enjoyed creating a winter picture with chalk and salt and used Q-tips to paint a snowman.  We learned the word symmetry and found things in the room that are symmetrical. Cutting snowflakes was a challenge, but gave us practice with our cutting skills.  Today we learned about magnets and did an experiment.  Put a paper clip in a jar of water and use a magnet to get it out by touching the magnet to the side of the jar. Pretty cool if you are 4 years old!   We created a snowman out of doilies and enjoyed a melted snowman cookie for snack!  We also used our sequencing skills. 

                **Back in the Fall we sent you surveys to find out if you would be interested in an additional afternoon session for your child on Tuesday and Thursdays. We have decided to offer this option to you in two 5 week sessions beginning Feb. 28.  Our goal is to help the children prepare for Kindergarten with more intense learning as well as improving skills and give them a few more hours in school.   We would also ask the children to bring their lunch to school to give them practice eating in school. We will be handing out flyers at conferences on Friday with many more details concerning this program and we can answer your questions at the conference.  Our hope is to have at least 8-12 children sign up for each session to make it worthwhile.  If we do not get enough students, the program cannot run.  Mrs. Stephen would be the teacher with Mrs. Kapaun (4plus teacher) being the aide.  Cost is $200 for the 5 weeks which breaks down to $20 day, but one must attend the full 5-week session.  Please consider signing your child up for either one or both of these great opportunities! 

Coming Up:  Show and Tell: Jan. 23-27  letter P items and Jan. 30-Feb. 3  winter items

Monday, January 30- Our 50th day of school!  Please have your child bring in 50 cents and a pair of child’s mittens or gloves or hat.  The money represents the 50th day and we will be counting the quarters and then will purchase additional winter accessories to give to St. Martin’s Episcopal churches’ outreach program.

Friday, February 3- Pajama Day! Children may wear their pj’s and bring a stuffed animal to show. 


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